Rye Junior Football Club

Our Committee

Meet the Committee – all passionate, committed and energetic Volunteers who share the same goal – to continually improve the football club experience for all.

For further information on any of the below roles, visit our Committee & Team Roles page or contact one of our Executive Committee Members.

Executive Committee Members

Scott Gathercole

Email: president@ryejfc.com.au

Mobile: 0400 064 198

Vice President:
Chris Jones

Email: vicepresident@ryejfc.com.au


Bianca Thomson

Email: secretary@ryejfc.com.au

Mobile: 0401 152 548

Selena Prescott

Email: treasurer@ryejfc.com.au

Mobile: 0419 882 930

Sub Committee Members

Registrations Officer(s):
Marne Puls &
Charlene Angus

Email: ryejfcregos@gmail.com

Mobile: 0417 339 350 & 0402 518 701

Accepts registrations and forwards paperwork onto League. Keeps an updated Club registration data base. Arranges and coordinates registration day with the help of volunteers.
Contact person for new members.

Canteen Co-ordinater:
Jennifer Broadhurst

Email: jennandmike@bigpond.com

Mobile: 0417 564 964

Manages ordering and selling of food and drink stock, together, with a committee of volunteers

Functions & Events Coordinator:
Rebecca Hasler

Email: rebeccakhasler@gmail.com

Mobile: 0438 731 078

Markets the Club to maintain its high profile in the community and actively seeks and promotes critical fundraising opportunities.

Sponsorships & Grants Co-ordinater:
Jenny Campbell

Email: tajsonny@me.com

Mobile: 0424 352 881

Maintains existing sponsors and actively seeks new sponsor & grant opportunities.

Girls Football Liaison Officer:
Jenny Walker

Email: wavesrsjfc@gmail.com

Mobile: 0408 125 051

Produces club newsletter and social media administrator.

Wellbeing Officer:
Yolanda Ierardo

Email: yolanda.ierardo@gmail.com

Mobile: 0402 058 824

Records games played by each player. Organises banners, medallions etc… for game milestone events. Order trophies for the end of year club presentation. Organises update of trophy boards.

Apparel Co-ordinater:



Uniform/Jumper Co-ordinater:
Jenny & Danny Walker

Email: djwalks73@gmail.com

Mobile: 0408 125 051

Social Media Officer:
Chris Jones

Email: vicepresident@ryejfc.com.au


Produces club newsletter and social media administrator.

Games Record Secretary:



Coach Coordinator:
Shayne Davies

Email: shaynedavies@yahoo.com.au

Mobile: 0419 578 497

Supervisory and support role. Support team coaches. Meet with coaches to discuss developing player’s skills and related matters. Order and manage playing equipment.

Team Manager Coordinator:
Charlene Angus

Email: charlene_angus@yahoo.com

Mobile: 0402 518 701

Train new Team Managers in Team Manager Role, support Team Managers and liase with Committee as required.

Trainer Coordinator:
Paul Tuchan

Email: tuchtan@hotmail.com

Mobile: 0427 337 491

Supervisory and support role. Support team trainers. Order and manage medical supplies.

Junior & Senior Liaison Officer:
Brad Tomlinson

Email: tigerrye19@icloud.com

Mobile: 0414 374 394

Attend Senior committee meetings and acts as a liaison between Junior & Senior clubs.

General Committee:

Attend Committee Meetings “as required”. Assist with all functions of the Rye JFC “as required”. Participate in Sub-Committees. Assists with Home Game duties and acts as a liaison between team and committee.